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mass effect andromeda is heavily discounted on xbox one and pc

Mass Effect: Andromeda is heavily discounted on Xbox One and PC

Mass Effect: Andromeda's price has been significantly reduced at the moment on both Xbox One and PC.

Purchase the PC game on Origin and it's 50 per cent off, bringing it from £34.99 to a mere £17.49.

The Xbox One deal on Microsoft's marketplace isn't(...)

le Vendredi 11 Aout 2017 à 15h55
bioware has already plotted out theoretical dragon age 4 and 5

BioWare has already plotted out "theoretical" Dragon Age 4 and 5

Mass Effect might have been put on ice and all recent attention diverted to Anthem, but BioWare still has a long plan for its Dragon Age franchise.

Dragon Age boss Mike Laidlaw told a fan on Twitter his team already had ideas for a "theoretical" Dragon Age 5.

le Mardi 1er Aout 2017 à 12h23
mass effect andromeda studio bioware montreal will be absorbed by ea motive

Mass Effect Andromeda studio BioWare Montreal will be absorbed by EA Motive

BioWare Montreal, the studio behind this year's much-maligned Mass Effect Andromeda, will be fully merged with EA Motive.

Both studios are based in Montreal and owned by EA. Many BioWare Montreal staff have been moved over to Motive already, following the decision to put(...)

le Vendredi 28 Juillet 2017 à 11h11
the three times ea mentioned mass effect andromeda in its financial results

The three times EA mentioned Mass Effect: Andromeda in its financial results

Mass Effect Andromeda came out at the end of March, with launch week sales stuffed into EA's 2017 financial year. As such, it was too early to tell how well the game would sell over time.

Last night, EA revealed its sales results for the first quarter of this financial year(...)

le Mardi 18 Juillet 2017 à 21h21
bioware un depart et un retour

Bioware : un départ et un retour

Il semblerait que Electronic Arts et Bioware subissent encore les conséquences du développement et du lancement de Mass Effect Andromeda avec les différentes...

le Mardi 18 Juillet 2017 à 19h41
bioware boss aaryn flynn quits just months after mass effect andromeda launch

BioWare boss Aaryn Flynn quits, just months after Mass Effect Andromeda launch

BioWare's general manager Aaryn Flynn is leaving the acclaimed RPG studio after 17 years with the company.

His departure comes roughly four months after the launch of Mass Effect Andromeda, a game that debuted to lackluster sales and disappointing critical reception. Our(...)

le Vendredi 14 Juillet 2017 à 11h13
10 hour mass effect andromeda trial now open to all

10-hour Mass Effect: Andromeda trial now open to all

The 10-hour Mass Effect: Andromeda trial once offered on EA Access on Xbox and PC has returned and is now open to people on PS4 as well.

If you previously took part you can play again but only with the trial-time you have remaining. If you decide to buy the full game you(...)

le Vendredi 14 Juillet 2017 à 09h02
mass effect andromeda se propose en demo gratuite

Mass Effect Andromeda se propose en démo gratuite

Le très décrié et rafistolé Mass Effect Andromeda vous veut du bien. A tel point que pour prouver ses bonnes intentions, il vous laisse l'approcher pendant plusieurs heures sans vous demander...

le Mercredi 12 Juillet 2017 à 08h49
mass effect andromeda visages et animations ameliorees avec le patch 1 09 reponse en video

Mass Effect Andromeda : Visages et animations améliorées avec le patch 1.09 ? Réponse en vidéo

L'annonce récente d'une mise à jour pour Mass Effect Andromeda faisait état d'améliorations majeures sur un des aspects les plus drôles (et ratés) du troisième épisode de la saga spatiale. Des...

le Lundi 10 Juillet 2017 à 16h18
avec le patch 1 09 bioware ote la protection denuvo a mass effect andromeda

Avec le patch 1.09 Bioware ôte la protection Denuvo à Mass Effect Andromeda

Bioware a déployé le patch 1.09 pour son jeu Mass Effect Andromeda , outre la liste des améliorations habituelles, le site DSOGaming a remarqué la disparition du système de protection Denovo . L'éditeur aurait donc choisi de se passer du système de protection, ou s'agit-il d'une simple(...)

le Lundi 10 Juillet 2017 à 12h02
four months on bioware still patching mass effect andromeda facial animations

Four months on, BioWare still patching Mass Effect: Andromeda facial animations

Mass Effect: Andromeda launched back in March to fierce criticism of its facial animations. Four months later, BioWare is still issuing patches to fix them.

The worst animation bugs were fixed quickly - that gun being the wrong way round, for example, along with Foster Addison(...)

le Vendredi 7 Juillet 2017 à 09h56
mass effect andromeda le patch 1 09 qui change tout voici pourquoi

Mass Effect Andromeda : Le patch 1.09 qui change TOUT, voici pourquoi

Tout le monde s'est bien gaussé avec Mass Effect Andromeda et ses divers bugs graphiques. Cela va être de moins en moins possible, le jeu s'améliore sensiblement au fil des patchs.

le Mercredi 5 Juillet 2017 à 10h42
mass effect andromeda multiplayer will soon get an unexpected new race

Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer will soon get an unexpected new race

Mass Effect Andromeda will soon add an unexpected new race to its multiplayer mode - batarians.

A familiar race from the Mass Effect trilogy, batarians are completely new to Andromeda. They don't appear in the game's single-player campaign and lore-wise this is the first(...)
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