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how does forza 7 improve on xbox one x over base hardware

How does Forza 7 improve on Xbox One X over base hardware?

Built to run existing game engines at native 4K, our first taste of what the new Xbox One X hardware could deliver came in the form of a Forza Motorsport tech demo, built to base Xbox One spec, but offering ultra HD resolution, a locked 60 frames per second - and with processing headroom to spare.(...)

il y a 2 jours
super mario odyssey nouvelle preview du prochain must have de la switch

Super Mario Odyssey : Nouvelle preview du prochain must have de la Switch

J’ai testé une nouvelle partie de Super Mario Odyssey et attention, GOTY incoming.

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il y a 2 jours
digital foundry hands on with switch s impossible doom port

Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Switch's 'impossible' Doom port

Just how powerful is Nintendo Switch and what are its limits? From Digital Foundry's perspective, it's been fun - and fascinating - to see the evolution of the platform, our expectations of the core Tegra X1 processor's capabilities exceeded by several key releases. But a Switch conversion of the(...)

il y a 2 jours
la terre du milieu l ombre de la guerre la preview

La Terre du Milieu l'Ombre de la Guerre, la preview

Parce que défoncer un Balrog à coup de savate dans la tronche en 4K@60 FPS, c'est vraiment excellent

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