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are we all living in a video game

Are we all living in a video game?

So it turns out we might not be alone in the universe. Back in February, Nasa announced the discovery of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting Trappist-1, which is not in fact a low alcohol hipster beer but a star in the constellation of Aquarius. Now it seems the sixth planet could have an(...)

guardians of the galaxy s second episode under pressure gets a release date

Guardians of the Galaxy's second episode, Under Pressure, gets a release date

Telltale's second episode in its Guardians of the Galaxy saga will rocket onto PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices on 6th June.

Entitled Under Pressure, this second chapter will delve into Rocket Raccoon's mysterious past while the Guardians examine their(...)

il y a 3 jours
teslagrad was most profitable on wii u

Teslagrad was most profitable on Wii U

Acclaimed puzzle-platformer Teslagrad launched on multiple platforms, including PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Vita, and Wii U. And you know which platform ended up being the most lucrative for developer Rain Games? The Wii U.

That's right, it didn't matter that the(...)
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