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A la uneil y a 8 minutes
tom cruise in talks to lead the mummy reboot

Tom Cruise In Talks To Lead THE MUMMY Reboot

A few years ago, Tom Cruise was attached to produce and star in a Van Helsing reboot from Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci . That project ultimately ended up never happening, and while Kurtzman and Orci have since parted ways, Kurtzman is now one of the minds behind reimagining(...)

il y a 8 minutes
watch katniss everdeen loves pita bread not peeta mellark

Watch: Katniss Everdeen Loves Pita Bread, Not Peeta Mellark

PistolShrimps has put together a supercut of Katniss Everdeen saying "Peeta" in The Hunger Games movies, but instead of Jennifer Lawrence  talking to Josh Hutcherson , she's actually talking to a hand holding some pita bread. This is really stupid, but I'll admit that I(...)

il y a 8 minutes
a new hope blooper recreated in star wars battlefront


You know that famous blooper from ass="searchlink">Star Wars Episode IV ? You know the one! Where the Stormtrooper whacks his head on the opening door as they come in to detain R2-D2 and C-3PO... View Full Post on GameTyrant


il y a 1 heures
doctor strange officially begins filming major cast members confirmed

DOCTOR STRANGE Officially Begins Filming, Major Cast Members Confirmed

Even though we've already seen footage of stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofor on set, Disney just sent us a press release announcing the start of production on Marvel's Doctor Strange . They also confirm the major cast members, which include Cumberbatch,(...)

il y a 1 heures
marvel s luke cage adds new cast member

Marvel's LUKE CAGE Adds New Cast Member

Marvel has announced that the company has hired Brazilian actress Sonia Braga to play Soledad Temple, the mother of Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple character, in their upcoming TV series Luke Cage .

Claire Temple, prepare to meet your mom in for (...)

il y a 1 heures
honest trailer for fantastic four 2015

Honest Trailer For FANTASTIC FOUR (2015)

Bad visual effects, lame acting, boring action beats...this is just a fraction of what I have to say about the 2015 version of Fantastic Four . And the trailer was just so cool…so cool! Even though producer Simon Kinberg desperately tried to defend the movie, I can definitely state(...)

il y a 1 heures
kylie jenner zayn malik voulait sortir avec elle

Kylie Jenner : Zayn Malik voulait sortir avec elle !

Gigi Hadid n'était qu'un second choix pour Zayn Malik ! Le chanteur a tenté de conquérir Kylie Jenner, mais il a échoué...

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il y a 1 heures
justice league le synopsis et le mechant reveles

Justice League : Le synopsis et le méchant révélés ?

Un site américain aurait déjà dévoilé le synopsis de Justice League. Il révèlerait également le grand méchant de l’histoire.

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il y a 2 heures
melty future awards 2016 la liste des nommes

melty Future Awards 2016 : La liste des nommés !

EnjoyPhoenix, Lilian Renaud, Captain America… Quels seront les talents qui feront l’année 2016 ? Découvrez sans plus tarder la liste complète des nommés aux melty Future Awards !

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il y a 2 heures
barbershop the next cut trailer features ice cube nicki minaj and more

BARBERSHOP: THE NEXT CUT Trailer Features Ice Cube, Nicki Minaj, and More

Never underestimate Ice Cube . He's turned four movies — Friday,   Barbershop, Are We There Yet?,  and Ride Along — into multi-film franchises, and now he's back with a third movie set in the Barbershop universe (actually, it's technically the fourth: Queen Latifah's (...)

il y a 2 heures
carrie fisher talks about her experience playing princess leia over the years

Carrie Fisher Talks About Her Experience Playing Princess Leia Over The Years

It seems that no matter where you look, you are going to find something linked to ass="searchlink">Star Wars . I don’t mind — I am a huge Star Wars fan. As a fanboy, I always dreamed that it would be amazingly fun to be a cast member of any of the movies. It's always interesting to hear behind(...)

il y a 3 heures
here s why marvel has been purposefully withholding iron fist news

Here's Why Marvel Has Been Purposefully Withholding IRON FIST News

When Marvel and Netflix failed to announce, well, just about anything about Iron Fist , the fourth show in its lineup that began with Daredevil and leads up to the superhero team-up mini-series The Defenders , the internet began to wonder about the show's prospects. Reports(...)

il y a 2 heures
blindspot episode 11 la bande annonce captivante du winter premiere

Blindspot : Episode 11, la bande-annonce captivante du Winter Premiere !

Suite au Fall Finale de Blindspot qui nous réservait de bonnes surprises, découvrez la bande-annonce du Winter Premiere !

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