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A la uneil y a 22 minutes
high profile directors keep passing on channing tatum s gambit movie

High Profile Directors Keep Passing on Channing Tatum's GAMBIT Movie

Channing Tatum is very excited to finally get his solo Gambit movie off the ground. He's almost ready to go. He has a script written by Josh Zetumer  ( Robocop  remake), and producers  Lauren Shuler Donner and Simon Kinberg  are on(...)

il y a 59 minutes
spielberg s jaws is returning to theaters this summer for its 40th anniversary

Spielberg's JAWS is Returning to Theaters This Summer For Its 40th Anniversary

Poster by Patrick Connan

If you were born after 1975, there's a good chance you've never had the opportunity to see Steven Spielberg's classic film Jaws on the big screen. That's about to change, since THR reports that the movie is going to(...)

il y a 59 minutes
channing tatum is the new ghostbusters boss in animated comedy sketch

Channing Tatum Is The New Ghostbusters Boss in Animated Comedy Sketch

Mashed has released an animated comedy sketch called "The New Ghostbusters." In it,  Channing Tatum is now running the show, and the old Ghostbusters team don't like how things are going. They end up taking a call to bust some ghosts at a spooky old orphanage, and while(...)

il y a 1 heures
official details of andy serkis star wars the force awakens character

Official Details of Andy Serkis' STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Character

Ever since ass="searchlink">Andy Serkis joined the cast of J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens , fans have been wondering if he'd appear as a normal-looking human character or if he'd be portraying a performance-capture character instead. Despite a couple of trailers and a slew of new(...)

il y a 1 heures
bfm tv christophe hondelatte reste sur la chaine d info mais perd sa tranche du week end

BFM TV : Christophe Hondelatte reste sur la chaîne d'info mais perd sa tranche du week-end

Après avoir incarné les week-ends de BFM TV, Christophe Hondelatte animera un nouveau programme sur la chaîne d'information à la rentrée. Christophe Hondelatte ne quitte pas BFM TV.

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il y a 1 heures
this is what grand theft auto v would look like as an 80s tv show

This is What GRAND THEFT AUTO V Would Look Like As An '80s TV Show

The 1980s-set Miami-inspired  Grand Theft Auto: Vice City might still be my favorite game in the GTA saga, but Grand Theft Auto V is certainly the biggest and most cinematic thus far. But YouTuber Dolce has given the new game a makeover to imagine what the game might(...)

il y a 1 heures
m night shyamalan wants to develop an unbreakable tv series

M. Night Shyamalan Wants To Develop An UNBREAKABLE TV Series

M. Night Shyamalan has been talking about doing an Unbreakable sequel for years. It's the one thing that I might actually be excited about seeing him make, but now he's looking at the possibility of developing it as a TV series instead. 

The filmmaker(...)

il y a 1 heures
kylie jenner enceinte elle dement

Kylie Jenner enceinte ? Elle dément !

De nouvelles rumeurs affirment que Kylie Jenner est enceinte ! Mais la jeune fille a tenu à démentir les ragots sur Twitter...

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il y a 1 heures
colton haynes ose le costume flamant rose a l avant premiere de san andreas photos

Colton Haynes ose le costume flamant rose à l'avant-première de San Andreas (Photos)

Colton Haynes n'a peur de rien et ose tout. L'acteur a prouvé qu'il était très téméraire, notamment en matière de mode, lors de l'avant-première de San Andreas à Los Angeles.

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il y a 1 heures
kendall jenner nicole scherzinger est jalouse de sa relation avec lewis hamilton

Kendall Jenner : Nicole Scherzinger est jalouse de sa relation avec Lewis Hamilton

Kendall Jenner se rapproche de plus en plus de Lewis Hamilton, et ça ne plaît pas à tout le monde ! Nicole Scherzinger, l'ex du champion, ne voit pas cette relation d'un bon œil...

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il y a 2 heures
did you know darth vader s neck was broken in star wars

Did You Know Darth Vader's Neck Was Broken in STAR WARS?

In all the times I've watched the original Star Wars trilogy, I have never ever noticed that Darth Vader's neck had been broken. This little detail was recently revealed to me by GT reader Connor Heggie ,  who sent us a video breaking down the details(...)

il y a 2 heures
pan director joe wright in talks to direct anne hathaway in the lifeboat

PAN Director Joe Wright In Talks To Direct Anne Hathaway in THE LIFEBOAT

After Les Miserables , Anne Hathaway took some time off for a little while to get out of the public eye, but starring in Chris Nolan's Interstellar last year put her right back in the thick of things. She has the awful-looking The Intern coming up opposite Robert De Niro,(...)

il y a 1 heures
transformers 5 retour sur cybertron

Transformers 5 : Retour sur Cybertron ?

Le cinquième volet de la saga Transformers est déjà en préparation, avec des univers partagés entre les films et des spin-off. Et d’après les dernières informations, une partie de l’intrigue pourrait se dérouler à Cybertron.

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