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A la uneil y a 19 minutes
pez candy is getting its own movie ugh

Pez Candy is Getting Its Own Movie...Ugh

We have more proof that Hollywood is officially out of fresh, great ideas. Just last week, we learned that Sony Pictures was developing a movie about Emoji, and we now have word that a production company called Envision Media Arts is developing a movie based on  Pez (...)

il y a 19 minutes
green arrow faces off against hawkeye in minute match up video

Green Arrow Faces Off Against Hawkeye in Minute Match-Up Video

A few months ago, we shared a new web series with you called Minute Match-Up, which imagines fictional battles between comic book characters. Two versions of Deadpool squared off in the previous episode , and now creators ismahawk are back with another comic-based brawl: Green(...)

il y a 47 minutes
captain america black widow hawkeye qui est l avenger le moins populaire

Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye... Qui est l'Avenger le moins populaire ?

Les Super-héros ont beau nous sauver de menaces plus dangereuses les unes que les autres, mais ce n’est pas pour autant qu’ils sont populaires ! Qui est l’Avenger le plus détesté ? La réponse sur melty.

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il y a 2 heures
dungeons dragons movie moves forward at warner bros

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Movie Moves Forward at Warner Bros.

A couple of years ago, the film rights to Dungeons & Dragons landed at Warner Bros. and then there was a legal battle that followed about who really owned the rights. It was between the production companies Sweetpea Entertainment and Hasbro.


il y a 2 heures
do you agree with simon pegg s ranking of the star wars movies

Do You Agree With Simon Pegg's Ranking of The STAR WARS Movies?

ass="searchlink">MTV  recently sat down with Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation star and notable geek  Simon Pegg , and as is often the case with Pegg, talk soon turned to Star Wars . He's been one of the most outspoken people about that franchise since back in his Spaced days, and he's(...)

il y a 1 heures
empire saison 2 un nouvel acteur recurrent rejoint le casting

Empire Saison 2 : Un nouvel acteur récurrent rejoint le casting !

Empire revient dans moins de deux mois pour nous faire chanter sur les airs des Lyons. Découvrez quel nouvel acteur fera partie du casting sur melty !

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il y a 2 heures
deadpool un premier teaser insolent et drole devoile par ryan reynolds

Deadpool : Un premier teaser insolent et drôle dévoilé par Ryan Reynolds

Alors que le premier trailer officiel du film Deadpool sera dévoilé demain soir (heure américaine), Ryan Reynolds vient de partager un premier teaser.

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il y a 3 heures
ufc badass ronda rousey to play herself in biopic about her life

UFC Badass Ronda Rousey To Play Herself in Biopic About Her Life

Along with being the undisputed champion of the UFC and destroying her most recent opponent in 34 seconds this past weekend,  Ronda Rousey  has already appeared in two films this year: Furious 7 , in which she brawls with Michelle Rodriguez, and Entourage , in which she(...)

il y a 3 heures
the amazing comic style characters of the periodic table

The Amazing Comic-Style Characters of The Periodic Table

Floating around the internet since November of 2011 has been this amazingly unique take on the Periodic Table of Elements. As a part of her senior thesis at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, talented character artist Kaycie D . put together a detailed sketch of 72 of the known(...)

il y a 3 heures
lucy lawless looks pissed off in this ash vs evil dead photo

Lucy Lawless Looks Pissed Off in This ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Photo

Lucy Lawless looks like she's gone through hell and back in this new imagine of her from Ash vs. Evil Dead . She plays a badass character named Ruby, who is on a mission to destroy the deadites that have invaded our world. In an interview with EW , the actress describes her(...)

il y a 3 heures
thrilling gotham season 2 promo the lunatics will run the asylum

Thrilling GOTHAM Season 2 Promo - "The Lunatics Will Run The Asylum"

Here's a new promo trailer for season 2 of  Gotham . It's called "The Asylum," and it looks like the lunatics in Arkham Asylum are going to rise up and cause complete chaos. It also features a familiar face, who is rumored to be The Joker in the series. Jim Gordon is(...)

il y a 2 heures
the flash saison 2 candice patton iris et barry ont toujours eu une belle relation

The Flash Saison 2 : Candice Patton, "Iris et Barry ont toujours eu une belle relation !"

Alors que la saison 2 de The Flash ne sera pas diffusée avant la rentrée, la rédac' de melty vous propose de découvrir les confidences de Candice Patton lors du Comic Con de San Diego !

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il y a 3 heures
insolite il passe des rouleaux a moto le zapping web video

Insolite : il passe des rouleaux à moto  ! Le zapping web (VIDEO)

Chaque semaine Télé-Loisirs sélectionne pour vous le meilleur du web. Au programme de ce zapping : Robbie Maddison surfe en moto, un village qui chante pour faire venir les Foo ... sur Télé
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